Dear God

Alone I am, depressed
We need to talk out things,
It’s been quiet a while;
Long a while we spoke
Let not my verses be ignored
Father has gone beyond
Mother has joined the army
My dreams are shattered
Hopes gone in abyss of lust
We need to talk out things
The sun is weakening my face
When the night comes,
The moon will come to torment me
Everything is not normal
I need a new flesh of newness
Stepping stone to see ahead
To stop this brown frown on my face
Send down your rain to reign
Bless all this little kitchen of mine
To chase away this wild hunger
If you don’t come, I may die
If you don’t show your face,
Darkness will torture me
Depression has taken toll on me
Fear has baptised me righteously
Weakness, a focal point of my heart;
We need to talk, dear God
You need to heal this madness
The pains piling up in me
Dear God, a mother can’t
Leave her son to die in misery
So you’ll not abandon me also
We need to talk things out, father
Before this tears me apart!
Author: John Chizoba Vincent
Profile: He is a poet and a lover of arts.


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