Dayo Amusa Set to Release New Movie 'Omoniyun'

Delectable actress and producer, Dayo Amusa, is set to hit the box office with another blockbuster titled Omoniyun. This is coming on the heels of the success of her last movie Pathetic.
Featuring a number of amazing actors including Segun Arinze, Dayo Amusa herself, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, Ebeun Oloyede popularly known as Olaiya Igwe etc. and directed by Muyiwa Ademola, an award winning actor, the play which has an ancient setting that relieves the early days of modernization in the western community, indelibly piques human rights against tradition. We see this through a community nurse, Omoniyun, who loves being around children. However, her entanglement with her fiancé, a radical journalist, drags them both into a bout with a tyrannical prince, Sodeke, his desperate loyalists, Elemide and Romiluyi, over the molestation of a minor, Fiyinfolu.
Even though no date has been announced for its release yet, I sure know that it’s one epic movie that’ll really strike a cord in you.

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