Day 8: I Wish I Said 'No'

Men like to chase by nature
We had sex I conquered
And so I ask ‘What  more?’
I’ve seen your tears and heard your pleas
I wish you said ‘no’
You were too emotional and not rational
I can’t seem to trust you again, no never
You did it with me, you’d do it with another
I wish you said ‘no’
Don’t call, don’t cook, don’t text, don’t come.Don’t reach my friends to get me guilty or get on media to call men ‘bad’. I watched you dupe your parents for me, inflate your fees and sneak out for a night. You said you did it for me ok, but you’ll teach my children same           I wish I said ‘no’

You can’t be their mother, your values are murdered.

I thought you knew that sex at best,

Is only just an appetite

You chose your path and made your

choice to feed my flesh against God’s word.

Now you wait for me to marry  you

I wish I said ‘no’

You are sassy and savvy

Sexy and slaying

Your meals are unmatched, your laundry’s the best.

But still I’m deep in search my dear but definitely not for you

I wish I said ‘no’

I am searching for the lady who loves me

enough to say ‘no’ at the sight of sin

I search for that lady who is one with God

and loves his word more than my words

I know the lady I want to marry,

the one my kids will call ‘mother’

By Precious Daniel


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