Day 5: Seductress

And she stood over him
Like the wrapping of a creepy plant on a young shrub
She stood caressing his body like the orange rind on his juicy self
And she twisted and turned
Like the seductress she was
And she pulled the wraps further apart
Showing more of the circumference
Of her well protruded mounds of flesh on her chest
And the slit on her skirt wasn’t long enough
She had to pull it up to her division point
But yet he stood like the tree in the eye of the hurricane
Not moving not budging
But she wanted more
And she grinded him hard
But he stood fast to that which he contended
He wasn’t going to budge
He knew what he wanted
It was one of the days when
he had to put up his emotional security
It was a long chase to purity.
By Precious Ouwadahunsi

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