Day 21: One Night Stand

I forgot who I kissed last night
It seemed like him
But, I wasn’t sure.
Everyone said I should.
Everyone said it would be good.
”Who knows,” they urged,
”He may turn out to be a Prince.”

I forgot who I kissed last night.
He wasn’t a frog
But he sure as hell wasn’t a prince
He walked like one
He talked like one
Alas! He wasn’t one.

Everyone said I should give it a go
Everyone said I would like it.
”You never know,” they said,” you may fall in love. He may steal your heart.”
How right they were
He stole my heart,
He came at night.
He stole my soul,
Rendering me dead.
He claimed my peace,
Destroying it.

Trampled upon.
I reflect.
He looked like him but I was never really sure
He spoke like him but there was a drawl
He acted like him but now I see he was a clone.
A shell of a Prince.
A devil in disguise.

Decision made.
Back stiffened.
No more kissing a thousand frogs,
In hopes of getting a Prince.
No more of twisting and twirling,
In hopes of getting romanced
No more of listening to the yabber jabber of the yapping dogs.
I shall wait, my King will find me.

”Sheila.” A breathe, a whisper.
I turn, I smile.
The real deal
We laugh
We kiss.
I remember who I kissed this noon.

Author: Daniel

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