Day 19: What is Love?

I would tell you that I love you tonight

But I know that I’ve got time on my side…

He told you that he loves you that night

because he had no time on his side….

Every time he lies by your side

gliding and sliding in romantic harmony,

He plays a symphony of lies-

That he loves you;

He’ll always be there for you;

He’ll never leave you.

He told you that he loves that night

because he had no time on his side

to wait and see the seed of love grow,

He consummated it that night….

What is love, if you’re not here with?

What is love, if it’s not guaranteed?

What is love?…

Love is a four-letter word with divine etymology.

Any earthly illustration, or human explanation

without divine revelation is an apology.

So, Holywood, Bollywood, Nollywood

and every other wood should tender an apology

to every soul lost in lust following their description of love.


Author: Gabriella

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