Black Woman

Black woman,
I write this magnanimous neologism
With an eclat of sensational calligraphy
For all true black women in the world
Who esteem the uniqueness of their colour.

Black woman,
You have revealed Africa to the world
Beyond the inkling of blind yesterday
You are the cynosure of true beauty
Your skin reflect the radiance of the Sun.

Black woman,
The nacre of the world’s precious pearls
An Oasis in Africa’s culture and diversity
You are a paragon of black Originality
Your colour prettify our blessed world.

Black woman,
Your skin is a la-me of God’s Largesse
Fascinating the constellation for a glance
A meticulus study of your special nature
Excites my accessories of superlatives.

Black woman,
You are the panacea of true beauty
Strongest of all women on earth
Your love and expression of cares
Shows the soundness your heart possess.

Black woman,
You are intelligent and brilliant
No woman surpass you in wisdom
Your knowledge shines like sparkling Sirius
Perfectly made to radiate hearts.

Black woman,
A Capsulation of your macrocosm is complex
For your sight is a halcyon of sweet behold

Author: Abraham Babarinde
Profile: He is a creative, loving and quiet person who loves astronomy, poetry and life. He is a graduate and a native of Ibadan.

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