'Autumn Leaves' Crazy Emotions in Reverse Order

By Yami Bamgboye

So, here is the thing I don’t understand about my crush on Adesuwa Etomi. Sometimes, I’m always like if only she wasn’t engaged to Banky W (all thanks to The Wedding Party movie that sealed it up patapata!). Buh nna ehn, even if she wasn’t engaged to anyone, se i go fit toast am ni? That tells you that she’s always got my attention, always! As it appears, I still have to do my job, notwithstanding, except someone else has a spot for me in their office. Lol.

Now, the real deal.

I see that Adesuwa Etomi fits perfectly into roles assigned to her in musical movies and this has been a hallmark all through her emergence to the spot she’s occupying today. Needless to say that it’s simply because she is a fantastic singer who is doubly blessed with unique acting skills that exorcise troubling emotions from within when you sit to watch her do her thing. Susu, as Banky W your hubby to be fondly calls you, I’m not stroking your ego oh.

So, here is my first strike. Susu, your role in ‘Autumn Leaves’, a 2015 movie (which some other Youtube publishers tag 2017 with the name ‘Crazy Emotions’) is really great but you innocently fell into the same ditch your predecessors fell into and have painfully learnt to avoid. Susu, did your hairdo cost so much that you wouldn’t dare change it all through the period of shooting? Haba! Even if it took you guys just one week to be done, couldn’t you have thought about that too? Anyway, I won’t let you take all the blame. Your director,costume manager and continuity manager who couldn’t make sure your mood and hairdo matched when you ran to Mama should also have large chunks.

Now, before I ‘proceed with my procedure’ (I doubt if you really get the gist of the crap my debating days left me with,lol.), I should let you know that the movie was produced by Chidi Dominic while Ikechuckwu Onyeka, the director, paired Adesuwa Etomi (Cindy), with Stanley Ekwelike (Simon). Others that featured alongside are Eucharia Anunobi (Cindy’s mother), Okry Uzoeshi (Daniel, Simon’s manager), Melvin Oduali ( Bode,Cindy’s manager), Henry Uchegbi (Kelvin, the journalist), and a host of others including Beverly Osu, the former BBA housemate that dazzled us with her nudity and sagging ‘suntin’.

Being a story of concocted romance between two superstar artistes, one expects nothing less than intrigues, complications, raised and suspended excitement. But dear Reginald Ebere(sc), I’m sorry to say that you made us predict your moves. You could have held us entranced if Simon, just like Cindy, has his own fears in relation to women. This could have been through his failed relationships or some horrible experience(s) in the past. Instead, we are only left to dangle between his words and actions. I must say your going down that path was commendable at first before giving yourself out at his introduction to Cindy. I know people fall in love in mysterious ways however, it would have been successful if he maintains a working relationship with Cindy and falls in love with someone else. The plot would have been more complicated if he looses some of his corporate deals to justify the story published against him and then make the table turn around against the media at the end.

Reginald, another thing that you did in your attempt of creating something complex was a wrong foot in the wrong direction. Why did you start the story with that scene? Were you trying to create a suspense or use flashback abi na wetin sef? Seriously, it really threw me off balance! I swear I don’t even know any technical term for that. It  would have been awesomely perfect if that’s the next thing we see after Cindy runs away from Simon.

The lessons,in conclusion, embedded in the story and actions of the characters are quite spot on. From the over-bearing attitude of men, the misguided or twisted notions about both men and women to the unjustified over-zealousness of certain media elements who take pleasure in the pains of others for financial and personal gains. I advice, very strongly, that screenplay writers should start doing blind review to forestall errors like these ones in their stories.

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