Annabelle, Final Episode

By Shawn Guzman
Nathan kept singing as we walked to his car, making me smile. I had agreed with my mom not to drive until I was…well, in the right state of mind.
I got into Nathan’s car, singing The Little Mermaid’s Under The Sea. He got Sebastian’s accent perfectly and I was laughing hysterically.
“..nobody fry us and eat us..” He sang.
“Under the sea!” I yelled, and we fell back out the car laughing.
“Okay, stop.” I threatened, laughing.
He held his hands up in surrender, still stifling laughter.
We got back in the car and he gave me a knowing look and I giggled.
He raised his brow.
“Oh, my. I seem to remember you calling it dibs on laughter.”
I rolled my eyes. “You know what you did. You did the emoji face. It does not get ignored.”
I suddenly noticed he had stopped listening but was texting someone, and I frowned.
“What are you-“. I began to ask before I felt my phone buzz. I input the locksreen code and I saw a notification about a text.
New text from Nathan:
Hello, beautiful. I love you.
A stubborn blush spread across my cheeks. His effect on me was magical.
I suddenly remembered he was waiting for my reply.
I love you too, Nate.
He grinned at me and revved up the car’s engine.
He pulled up at my father’s and cleared his throat, excessively.
I raised my brow.
“Uh, I was wondering if you’d have liked to come visit where I grew up.”
“Of course, thank you.”
He shook his head. “No, thank YOU.”
Then, he kissed me lightly.
It was needless to point out that this was going be my first actual night asleep since Kyle’s death.
I came alive before the sun. Me. Annabelle Petrelli. Awoken.
It was more than a miracle.
My father literally did the cliché rubbing of eyes to “ascertain if it was his daughter.”
All I did was hug him and tell him I was gonna get back letter.
Eric smiled at me, but in my excitement I kissed his cheek, making him flush.
Nathan’s car honked outside and I strutted outside.
“I’m here to pick up the most gorgeous girl in town.” He said in a Londoners accent.
I gave him a scowl.
“Hey, what’s all this talk about picking up a pretty girl? I thought you came to pick me up.”
He smiled at me, dreamily. “You’re the actual of beauty and all that comes with it.”
Oh, my gosh.
I blushed, forgetting any snappy comebacks I would’ve thought of.
“Let’s fly?” I asked.
He nodded.
Getting to Oregon’s regional orphanage, I did get a lot of stares. I really don’t understand how people like Avril enjoyed getting attention. It was so awkward.
As soon as Nathan walked into his room, I developed cold feet and stayed back.
I heard a shout of “Duuuude” and Nathan’s laughter. “Man, it’s being a while.” I also heard.
I remembered Nathan telling me about the apartment Avril funded for him, even after he told her off.
Hung up bitch.
“Uh, I brought someone, guys.” I heard him say. I started a mini panic attack.
Oh, God. What if I’m ugly to them?
Slowly, dramatically, I walked into the room. The laughter. The murmuring. The loud talks. They halted.
“Hello” I said.
“Hey…..” They all simultaneously murmured.
I sat beside Nate and he started introducing me to the four of them; Duncan, Raj, Daequan and Cody and Cody’s adorable little sister who called me pretty.
It was fun hanging out with the guys. I felt like a superstar when they laughed at my jokes. Although, we all ate savagely, it was a whole new definition of group fun for me.
Not in the sex way, tho.
It was an amazing day. By two, I had to go home and help Eric with lunch. I saw how downcast they looked, but I had to go.
Getting into Nathan’s car, we drove off singing “Here’s to never growing up.”
“Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air?
Can’t live, can’t breathe with no air.
If you ain’t here, I just can’t breathe.
No air, no air.”
To Kyle, from Lisa.
Over the course of the weeks that came, I
was reminded little of Kyle. My mom however hadn’t gone back to her usual self, she became easily irritable and yelled, exhibiting traits of a pregnant woman, even though I knew she was mad because she blamed herself for not being there for Kyle.
Alexis and I had sleepovers all the time, however I hadn’t gone to her house, so I asked her if I could come and she agreed.
I looked pretty good everyday, so I couldn’t get bullied or anything, besides I was mostly with Nathan.
Since her birthday, Phoenix and her cheerleader friends became closer to me.
The only one who was still annoying was Avril.
Tyrone’s involvement with me made the jocks like me, calling me “shawty” and stuff.
Funny how everything changes when you find your way up the social ladder.
I was about to call Phoenix when I slipped and fell.
Damn, I thought I was past this stage of life.
To my astonishment, a boy and a girl rushed to my aid.
They looked familiar.
Norman and Normani. They were two lightskin teenagers who were part of the glee club with Nate. I smiled warmly at them.
“I’m sorry for being such a klutz.” I apologized.
“No, it’s okay. I fell on my face, this morning too.” Normani said.
I smiled at them, gaily. “Normani and Norman, right?”
Normani flashed me a cheeky smile and Norman gave me a salute, making me laugh.
“I’d like you to know, you inspire me.” Normani said.
I think it must’ve been obvious I was clueless because she smiled and continued.
“You never let the tragedy that struck you affect you, greatly.”
I smiled cheerfully, immediately liking her way better than I ever thought I would.
“Thank you so much.” I said.
“You’re welcome.” Norman said, with a grin.
“I’ll see you guys around?” I asked.
“Certainly.” They said simultaneously.
“I said it first.” They said, again.
“Jerk.” They chorused.
I walked away in fits of laughter.
“My little brother Ronnie slept on the toilet seat last night. I mean, eww?” Phoenix ranted.
We all laughed. “Why?” I asked, bewildered.
“I dunno. He sleep walks.” She nonchalantly said, polishing her nails.
“That’s not weird at all.” Nathan said with the emoji face.
“Wait, do we have cheerleader practice?” Jewel, one of the cheerleaders asked.
“It got cancelled.” Amber, another one replied.
“Just like your dad’s contract?” Avril asked, pulling a chair to sit with us.
Amber went pale in the face.
“Hello, uglies.” Avril said with a smile.
“Avril..” Nathan said.
“Nigga, if you call my name one more time, I’m putting my selfie stick up your ass.”
She snarled.
“Avril’s daddy slept over at my dad’s yesterday. I think they were trying to make a baby. He also told me he wished his madhouse daughter was like me, he had to lie to her about his destination, because she noticed the rose he held. Very soon, they’ll get married and o-m-g..”  I started ranting.
She yelled and stomped away, making everyone laugh.
Alexis gave me a high five… on the face._.
“Affectionate pat” she called it.
Finally, I had gotten my car back. On my way to the park, I dropped my iPod. Clearly frustrated, I bent to pick it up. I made my way to where my car was parked and I noticed a girl who was standing on the road with her phone raised towards the sky.
I shook my head at AT&T’s service and proceeded to unlock my car door. Suddenly, I noticed a truck speeding down the road and the earbuds she was using.
“Hey, get outta the way!” I yelled.
“This bitch is gonna die.” A fat kid with a lot of freckles said.
Not on my watch?
I sprinted across the road, ignoring the trucks loud screeches.
It was like a hallucination, because it was in slow motion.
One moment I was standing near a fat kid, another I was flying in front of a bus.
I pushed her and we rolled down the boulevard.
“Jesus Christ, Anadorkella!” She yelled, pulling out one of her earbuds.
“Look across, bitch.” I shouted, pointing.
Half the school was at the park, recording the dramatic scene.
The truck had crashed into a tree.
Avril had some cuts from the contact with the ground, while I had some grazes.
“You pushed me?” She asked.
“Yeah?” I asked, unsure of what to reply.
“Well, couldn’t you have done it with a lot more carefulness?”
My eyes went wide, flabbergasted.
“What the hell?”
“Shut up. What did you want to achieve, killing me?” She asked.
“That truck was trying to kill you!
I saved your life.” I yelled, my hands in the air.
“Someone name a holiday after her.” She said, getting up to clean her outfit.
“I don’t believe you! Little wonder you have no one who’d proudly say they like you. I think it was fate that made me save your life today, because when you die, no one will be there.”
I said, exasperated and walked to the car without crossing the road carefully.
I mean, can you believe her?
I walked up to my car, and tried opening my door. It was locked.
My keys.
I dropped them, when that bitch was almost killed.
I was about to snap when Norman handed them to me, with a smile. I smiled back.
I unlocked my car, and drove away with everyone still staring.
I drove into the twilight.
Okay, not really the twilight.
Into the distance.
Past the orchards.
Past the Chinese restaurant.
To Ponder Paradise.
“Annie.” I heard someone say.
“Kyle?” I asked, hoping I was in heaven.
“It’s me, Annie.” The voice said.
I sat up and stared, waiting to regain control over my sight. Slowly, I recognized him.
“I knew you’d be here.” He said, with a beautiful smile.
“I’m sorry, I left without notice.” I said, sighing.
“It’s okay. We all get that way.” He said and held a strand of my hair affectionately.
“You look beautiful, today.” He continued.
I blushed and then scowled. “Avril ruined everything.”
He shook his head. “No, Annie. You just proved to Hamilton High that you’re brave and powerful. Something I’ve been trying to make you understand for ages.”
I grinned and stared, unsure of what to do.
He took of his guitar pack and brought out his guitar.
He struck a few random notes and cleared.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I know this is cliché but I’d like to sing to the most amazing female in the universe.”
“You make it look like it’s magic.
Cause I see nobody, nobody but you.
I’m never confused, but I’m so used to being used.
So I love when you call unexpected.
‘Cause I hate when the moment’s expected.
So, I’ma care for you, you, you.
I’ma care for you, you, you.
Cause girl, you’re perfect.
You’re always worth it.
And you deserve it.
The way you work it.
Girl, you earned it.
Girl, you earned it.
Slowly, he drifted to an end.We stared at each other.Then slowly, he kissed me.
Nathan’s POV
Annie just blew me. I still can’t believe it. I guess I expected something romantic, but well, I don’t know.
“So, are we gonna go home?” She asked suddenly, making me shiver.
“Go? Oh, yeah. Go home, of course.” I said sounding idiotic.
I got up to my feet and helped her up.
“So, we’ll drive ourselves home?” I asked.
“Uh, Nathan?” She said with a mischievous smile.
“Yeah?” I replied.
“Your zipper.” She said, stifling laughter.
“My zipper. Oh! My zipper.” I said and began fiddling with it.
“Let’s go.” She said.
I walked behind her, staring at her butt. I knew it was perverted, but sue me, you’d do it too.
“Thank you for being there for me.” I said to Nathan.
“Thank you for existing.” He said.
“I love you.”
I smiled.  “I love you, too.”
With those hanging in the air, we both got in our separate cars and drove away.
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