Annabelle, Episode 11

By Shawn Guzman
I finally understand what the cast of the Fast and Furious feel when driving fast…and furiously. Parking nonchalantly at the driveway at the hospital, I ignored the parking officer yelling at me to park correctly. I raced up the stairs to the intensive care unit and found room 639, my hands shaking so much, I found it difficult to open the door. When I did I open it, I burst into the door like a cop and found Eric crying loudly on Kyle’s chest. So, that was what that noise was. The blood pounding loudly in my ears, prevented me from decoding it. Eric didn’t even notice me, as he was lost in his pain.
“Annie.” Kyle muttered. Why the hell did I literally reenact temple run just to find these two snuggled up?!                                                                                                                     “I’m not having the operation.” He said, his tears betraying his calm voice. Eric’s loud cries was starting to irritate me.                                                                                             “Why aren’t you having it?” I asked, completely numb.                                                        “I had a seizure earlier this morning and the doctors had to postpone the surgery.” He said, barely audible.                                                                                                                   “Do you realize they gave you today as the ultimatum? If it doesn’t happen today, you’ll give out!” I yelled, not sure who I was angry at.                                                                       “The doctor said he couldn’t go ahead with the surgery until he’s certain he’s fit for it.”         Eric said, because Kyle seemed like he was tired of talking. I sat on the bed, fuming. Kyle was actually gonna leave us. Oh, my gosh.                                                                         “I’m glad I got be with you guys, to be honest. We aren’t the greatest family but I love you so much. It’s okay, I’m not afraid to die.” Kyle muttered after about twenty minutes of staring us in the face.                                                                                                         “I love you, Kyle. I’m still expecting myself to wake up in bed and find you in the other room, this is the longest nightmare I ever had.” I touched his hand affectionately.                         “I’m already waking up.” Slowly, I laid on the pillow, looking upwards, right beside Kyle.         My head found it’s way to his chest and I felt numb.
At five pm, I felt his heartbeat stop. His skin went cold and his eyes lost their colour. I looked up to see my dad, Lisa and Eric watching me. Creeps.                                                         “He’s dead.” I said emotionlessly.                                                                                      Lisa burst into tears again. Eric laid on my dad’s shoulder with a solemn expression. I stood up and stretched my feet, warning myself not to cry. I didn’t. I won’t. Ever. And then, the door opened, Mr Tyler walked in and my dad stood up to hug him, crying. Ew? Ready to go home and literally stare at the wall, I swerved but then stopped.
Familiar footsteps.
The devil came into view with a smirk on her face.
“Hello, Annie.”
Kyle was buried on a gloomy Monday morning in the cemetery. Few friends were around to witness it. My mom had a panic attack when she came back. Slowly, the effect of the shock was leaving. I stood in the middle of Nathan and Tyrone, who held Alexis by his side sobbing. Hell, I’ve cried all my tears. I stood with a lifeless expression and tried to smile at my dad who was looking disheartened again. Mr Tyler noticed it and held his hands.
Avril stood at her dad’s side, looking gorgeous. This bitch needs to die. Like us, she was clad in black but what the hell. It was literally a ball gown and she looked like a princess. Evil princess. Every now and then, she giggled at me or cast Nathan the evil eye.
Lisa stood beside Eric, equally looking stunning. It was obvious she’d warned herself beforehand because she had an indifferent expression. Eric looked sad, real sad. And then a few of mom’s friends. About a hundred of them. Literally.
“Annie? Annie?” I heard Nathan whisper. I looked up to see everyone staring at me. Oh, my eulogy. I walked up to the middle of the gathering.                                                         “Good day, everyone. We are gathered to say goodbye to Kyle Petrelli. In a short period of time, he’s influenced the world more than most of us ever will. I thought life was horrible when the divorce happened. I thought life was unbearable when kids my age laughed at me, to my face. But this. This has been horrible. Losing a brother. Losing a friend. This is the worst kind of pain. I’m sure he’ll rest in peace. He was a good guy…. IS a good guy. He died too young.” I concluded, tearing up again.
Nathan looked like he was gonna die. I guess it reminded him of his parents. Tyrone was crying. Avril was grim. I guess even the most evil relate to the pains of death.
“When me and Kyle were younger, he taught me how to talk to girls cause I was shy. I could never work up the courage to ask for anything in public. Now karma has come to mock me. My first public speech happened when he died…” Eric said, and then I tuned out. The rest of the burial, I was on autopilot, numb, oblivious to my environment. Luckily, everyone seemed to understand my need to be alone, cause they stayed away.
Going back to school made me feel uneasy. It felt like everyone was watching. Clad in a Ying Yang outfit, I proceeded to walk into the school. I saw Tyrone at the hall, and I walked faster to get to him. However, all discussions became muffled sounds as I strutted in. I felt…nullified. Until I felt an arm wrap around me.
I looked up to him with affection. “Hey Nate.”
“Hello, Annie.” He answered.
People began turning their heads back to their talk partners, as it was obvious I had no scene to begin. Alexis and Tyrone walked up to us and we all dispersed to our various classes.
“Annie? Annie?? Hello! Earth to Annie!”
I watched Alexis say to Annie, who was meditatively staring at nothing. Damn, Annie had to stop this. It had already happened two times today. Ever since Kyle got sick, she’s been distant in thoughts. It scares me. I touched her hand softly and she shook her head and muttered absentmindedly. “Hmm?” I shook my head.
“Annie, stop. Please.” She sighed. “I’m sorry. Just…thinking.”                                          Alexis rolled her eyes. “Then, stop. You’re not 87.”Annie scowled and Tyrone chuckled.
“What Alexis is trying to say in a very sarcastic way is that you don’t need to keep your thoughts to yourself. We’re here for you. Tell your thoughts to us. We’ll be more than happy to listen. That’s, as they say, is what friends are for.”
“Exactly.” I concurred. Annie was grinning now.                                                           “Thanks, guys. And thank you Alexis, I know you love me.”                                               “Keep wishing.” Alexis said with a smile that looked like Annie’s favourite emoticon, making Annie burst into laughter.                                                                                               “Hey. I didn’t see any of you at my birthday.”
I heard a tiny voice say.
“Well, hey Phoenix… Guys, look.. It’s Phoenix.” I said awkwardly.                                  “Hi….” They chorused simultaneously, seeming very comical.                                                “If you guys didn’t wanna come, you should’ve just said so.” She said sounding like an angry three year old. I wanted to speak but Annie turned to face her with a tired expression.            “Look, Phoenix I’m sorry. I have nothing against you.”                                                  Phoenix tsk-tsked. “Yeah, but you have something against my birthday. That’s totally fine.” Alexis grimaced. “Phoenix, we’ve all been going through an emotional ride.”                     Phoenix grunted, quite unnaturally. “Well, excuse me for allowing you ditch my birthday and getting scarred.”                                                                                                                  I cleared my throat, ready to speak. But Annie was annoyed. “Phoenix, my brother died last Friday night.” Phoenix’s hand went up to her mouth in shock.
At that moment, the devil herself walked by cackling stupidly. “I’m sorry. That was so Katy Perry.” She stood for a while and muttered “Last Friday Night” to herself and walked away giggling.
Phoenix’s hands were trembling.


“I am so sorry. I can’t even imagine I just stood here asking you why you attented your brother’s burial instead of my birthday.”
Alexis made the emoticon face.
“Believe it, because that’s exactly what you’ve done.”
Annie waved it off. “It’s okay. You had no idea. It’s fine.”
Phoenix sat next to me, looking dejected. I held her hands and smiled reassuringly. She gave me a crooked smile.
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