By Shawn Guzman
Episode 2–
It was my dad’s company’s official dinner night. My mom and dad were attending. They looked so young and beautiful together.
Me and my brothers, Eric and Kyle watched them leave in utter happiness.
6 hours later.
“You’re a fucking bastard, Tyler Petrelli. I hate your guts!!”
I heard my mom yell from the porch. Curious as an idiot, I raced down the stairs, my brothers behind me.
Getting downstairs, I literally saw my mom hit my dad hard in the face.
My hands flew to my face in utter shock.
Eric gasped and Kyle muttered something along the lines of “…fucking hell.”
My mom however, was still on a roll.
My dad sat on the stairs and cried.
No one wanted to tell me what happened.
But I eavesdropped. Sue me.
My dad slept with his boss. A man.
I really didn’t know how I was supposed to feel about all this. Prior to what my family thinks, I… I’ve got feelings.
I feel like I’m that child that everyone secretly wishes wasn’t related to them.
I was always in my room, only getting out when Mr Luke came to gawk at my dad’s attractive face. Kyle and Eric were nice but I could always see into their looks of pity. Mom liked me a lot but she’d always been the glossy mom who was always active in social functions, so I’m sure she always wondered why I’m the odd one out. I wanna feel girly. I want a guy to like me… For me. I want a caring, cute, jovial person who’s understood what it feels like to be isolated and looked down on.
My dress sense is zero, oh my gosh.
I look plain and my hair’s losing its blondness.
And now, I have to go to an institution with a population of two THOUSAND kids, with whom have different problems to get educated.
Frigging wow.
I see and read about people who are doing extraordinary things with their lives and I just stare at my self everyday and realize that I have no idea what I’m doing.
I’m gonna end up living in a cardboard house with forty seven cats and no happy ending.
I’m not like those clichépeople who feel the need to claim depression because its the new version of cool.
“Oh, I’m so depressed, I’ma just kill myself but before that let’s go to the beach.”
Depression is actually serious. I’m a living testimony. Well, not for long.
Highschool will probably be the death of me.
Oh, well.
Let Fate Begin.
Author’ Hey, y’all.
I’m so nervous cause its my first actual book.
I’m sorry this chàpter is so short, but its the only beginning.
I’m a dork, lol.
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The cover is Eric!
[23:30, 17/01/2016] shawn writer: The morning found me sore.
I’m a couch potato, so it hurt more than a breakup to get out of bed. Not that I’ve experienced that, either.
Yawning savagely, I crept to my bathroom to take a shower.
Okay, so how’s a sixteen year old supposed to dress?
I have no idea what I’m doing. I have tried on the dresses I think look nice, but they don’t scream “Hey look at me, I’m more social than Facebook.”
I make bad puns. Sue me.
“Annie?” Dad called.
“I’ll be right down!” I answered, pulling my hair into a ponytail. I straightened my awkward daisy patterned dress, put on a flat shoe and I walked down the stairs.
My father catcalled, obviously exaggerating.
He opened the door and gestured. “After you, my lady.”
I giggled and walked out.
I got to the car and waited for Dad, then he slowly came up to me.
My father was in a suit, with a glossy watch and unbelievably styled hair.
Next to him, I looked like the new employee.
We got into the car and he started driving.
Arriving at Hamilton High, I immediately felt irrelevant and discriminated.
There were styles of dressings that I was sure hadn’t been invented yet.
Dad shook me out of my silent mini panic attack. “Hey, its gonna be great. You’ll see.”
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