By Shawn Guzman

Episode 3
My first class was English Literature Arts. My teacher was a middle aged, nice looking woman named Mrs Maria. As soon as I walked into the room, I felt them. The eyes. Pairs of eyes. Lots of eyes, oh boy. I’m gonna pee.
“….miss Anabella Petrelli to introduce..”
I heard, as I tuned in and out.
Bitch, its Annabelle. I wobbled and zombied my way to the front of the class. I started to stutter, but then I cleared my throat and found my shrill voice.
“Hi, I’m Annabelle. Anabelle Petrelli. From Oregon. I look forward to a good school year.” I finished, quite lamely.
Mrs Maria smiled approvingly and I walked to my seat. Apart from the awkward who-the-fuck-is-this-weirdo stares I was getting, all was okay.
After I got my tray of food, I walked to a random table. Doing a quick scan, I quickly took in the sights. There were some jocks around one table. Some kids dressed like vampires. A bunch of nerds. And then a clan of cheerleaders gracefully strutted into the cafeteria, with one particularly blonde, long haired girl leading them.
“Excuse me, is someone here?” I heard a voice say.
I looked up suddenly and I saw a brown haired girl with glossy lips and a nice outfit, if I might say.
I suddenly flushed, knowing she was waiting for my answer.
“No. Not really.” I responded, wondering how someone would want to sit with me.
“I’m Alexis.” She said, smiling.
“Cool, I’m an-” I started to say.
“Annabelle.” She completed with a conspiratorial wink.
“Yeah, this school’s pretty nice. I guess.” I said, wanting to make conversation.
Alexis took the hint. “I’m sure you feel lost, that’s how I felt. This place gets pretty scary on the first day.”
I was suddenly beaming. I made my first friend. I wanted to take a sip of my orange juice but I had finished it. Nodding at what Alexis was saying, I excused myself politely and turned away, not really paying attention to where I was facing. I started to walk but I ran smack into a girl into a cheerleader uniform.
“Oh, my gosh, I’m so sorry…” I started to say.
She held up her finger and I stopped talking.
“Are you stupid? Do you know me?
You literally haul me to the ground and you’re….. Sorry?
What do you think this is, Wrestlemania?!
For starters, what in Justin Bieber’s gay face are you wearing?! You look like you stole from the poor. I don’t even-” She said, stuttering.
“Avril? Avril, its okay. Stop. Let’s go.” A dreamy voice said. Then the small crowd that gathered parted for a blonde, tall buffy guy with a guitar strapped around him.
Blessed Jesus.
He gave me an apologetic smile.(I think I peed.) Then he wrapped his arms around her and they walked away. Okay, I was still shaking. From fear and wonder. Why was she so mean? WHY WAS HE SO HOT?!
I didn’t even realize I was crying, till Alexis pulled me into a hug.
“I was gonna warn you about those.” She whispered.
Alexis walked me to all my classes, after calming me down. It wasn’t an easy process but it did pay off. I felt a bit better. I had three classes with Alex, so they became my favourite classes. She let me call her Alex. :-p
The other classes were boring without Alex. Believe me, I tried to concentrate, but it didn’t work.
I just put it off as the stress of the day, doing my best not to think about the whole drama with Avril.
The last class however was quite significant. Geometry. Don’t get me wrong. I’d rather date Dumbledore, than stand geometry but something happened. I walked in and the class was filled. I was about giving up when I noticed an unoccupied seat so I walked-ran to it. Due to the day’s stress, my ponytail had loosened and I bent my head sideways to relieve my neck cramps and began rearranging my hair.
“You’ve got really nice, blonde hair.”
I freeze. Goosebumps fill my skin. My throat goes dry. My pupils dilate and my ears get itchy. I am weird. But what was the point of all these, again? Oh, yeah.
The voice is literal heaven. But, how come its so familiar?
*memory reconnects*
Oh, my God. The cafeteria. Its the guy from the cafeteria. Its the guitar carrying hunk from the cafeteria. Then it suddenly dawns on me that I’m in geometry class, with my hand choking my hair and I was leaving the hottest guy I ever saw, hanging without a reply. Isis, kill me already.
“Are you gonna answer?” He asks, sounding confused.
I swiftly turn around with my hand still choking my hair.
Jesus, what is wrong with me?!
“I- I’m sorry, I got very distracted. Thank you. You’re very blonde too.”
I concluded.
He smiled, heavenly. Then I took in the sights. Blue eyes.
You know when I mean, blue? Blue as in blueball- blueberries, sorry for that.
Jawline, oh my gosh. And I realize I’m still staring. I quickly turn back with a blush spreading. .
“What’s your name?” He asked.
Okay, Annie. This is your shot, you lose it, you’re a waste.
“I’m Annabelle, but my friends call me Annie.” Don’t listen to me, I have no friends.
He smiles. “I’m Nathan. Friends call me Nate.” On a roll, I reply. “Nice to meet you, Nate”
He nods. “I’d say so too, if it weren’t for the unnecessary misunderstanding that happened today. I want to apologize on Avril’s behalf, she’s daddy’s girl.” He winked.
I took the highroad. “Nah, its fine. Since you’ve explained, I understand. I don’t hold grudges.”
He smiled broadly.
“Thank you, you’re very nice.”
I was about to talk when the teacher starts saying some shit about trapeziums and he takes his attention back to the book.
Where. Where is Alex? Oh, my gosh. I could burst. I spotted her shoving books in her locker, swearing violently.
“Whoa, take it easy. ” I said.
She smiled. “I’m just tired. What’s up?”
As clichéas it is, Nathan walked right by, winking at me.
A powerful blush filled my face and I whispered to Alex triumphantly. “That’s whats up.”
I expected to see awe lit up on her face, but instead it was sadness.
I squirmed. Was she jealous? Well, that’s logical.
“Alex, what’s wrong? Why do you-?”
She stopped me, pointing her chin towards Nathan. He was passionately kissing Avril.
– – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
We thank you for reading this week’s episode and hope you enjoyed it. So, what happens next between Alex, Nathan and Anabelle? Well, watch out for the next episode next week Friday.

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