By Shawn Guzman
Episode 4
My face twisted in utter shock as I watched Avril’s hand roam Nathan’s chest. In public.
What is this, x video?!
My head suddenly heated up and I stomped over to Nathan, obviously not thinking clearly.
“Nathan!” I yelled.
He turned, confused and then smiled.
“Hi, Annie. I was just telling Avril that you were a good sport about the incident that-“
I held my hand up, cutting him short. Avril’s eyebrows went up in flabbergast.
“Bitch, did you just-” She started. I turned away, leaving her open mouthed and faced Nathan.
“How dare you? How dare you warm up to me with your Mr Nice Guy attitude and then warm up to the same idiot you called daddy’s girl?!”
I yelled. A crowd gathered, only fueling my anger. After this, I would be legendary.
Nathan bursts into laughter, taking me off guard. “She is daddy’s girl.” He says and draws Avril close to him and it hits me harder than The Hulk’s penis. He’s daddy. Nathan is daddy and this bitch owns him.
Disgrace? Holy shit, you haven’t experienced that shit like I did. When Avril burst into laughter, it was like the whole world joined in. My head started spinning and I tried to escape the noise by covering up my face.
Next thing I know, I was being pulled by a really strong arm to the janitor’s closet.
I didn’t even take my palms of my face, the person pulled me by my dress, right through the crowd.
Inside the janitor’s closet, I release the huge wracking sobs that were buried inside me and I get pulled into a bear hug. It was Alex. Roasted twice in one day. Is this even a life?

Going home was just as terrible as the moment when I confronted Nathan. I got stares and ridiculous cackles. Alexis was really supportive, honestly, I don’t even know what I did to deserve her friendship.

Alex and I took different routes home so, she hugged me for the last time and waved.
Getting home, I walked in to meet Eric and Kyle sprawled across the living room idly.
They beamed as soon as I walked in and I squealed in utter delight, running to hug them.
“Oh, my gosh, you guys!” I cried.They smiled, brightly while I clung on to Eric like a magnet.
“…is that noise, is Ella back?” I heard a voice say.
”Mom.” I sprinted across the living room and pulled her into a tight hug, catching her unawares. She laughed and hugged me back.
“Sweetheart. How was your first day?” I flinched, but decided to put it behind me.
“It was great, I had fun.” I tried to smile, but it was crooked. I noticed an expression of worry on my mom’s face, but it was gone as soon as it had appeared.
“So. What’s for lunch?” Kyle asked, looking quite uneasy.
“I took the liberty of making lasagna.” Mom said and the boys brightened up.
“Ella, can you come up quickly with me?” She asked. I took the hint and nodded.
As we got to my room, she hugged me and simply said.
“Tell me about it.”
I gradually launched into a very detailed explanation of what went on at school. Of course, the tears started again. I know, I know, I’m a wimp. But I felt better offloading it. When I was done, my mom hugged me and smiled reassuringly.
“So, do you want the tables to turn?”
I looked left and then right, unsure of what she meant. She giggled, taking the hint and said. “The reason why they even had the guts to talk trash to you in the first place was because…. Well, you’re not exactly a pro fashionista. Change that, and those bitches will bow down.”
I love my mom.
I smiled. “I’m not gonna go to school looking like a drag queen because I wanna be taken seriously. I’m fine this way. But if I do change my mind, sure.”
My mom shrugged. She looked like she was about to say something, when we heard yells of “Dad!”
I saw her expression darken.
“…how big you are, how’s college?” I heard dad’s voice say as we walked down the stairs. However, all banter stopped as Mom and Dad met each other’s gazes.
“Tyler.” My mom said, sounding like a news reporter.
“Claire.” My dad returned, matching her tone. My mom took the highroad on this one.
“We were just about to have lasagna, your worst, join us?” I snorted and Kyle stepped on my toe as a warning. My mom is poison.
“But, of course.” My dad said. This, is gonna be a long dinner.
The dinner went well to my surprise. They stayed about thirty minutes after dinner and then they left. I think my dad saw how miserable I looked so he told me I could spend the weekend over at my mom’s.
I hugged him, fondly. Then I headed up to my room to pick out an outfit for the next day.
The next day.
The next day of hell.
What in God’s name is that?
Oh, the alarm. Of course.
Nasty bitch.
After literally bringing my body back to life, I moved on to shower and dress up. There’s little or no time left, so I had some cereal and fled to school.
On my way, I admired how nice the atmosphere looks and how hastily everyone was walking. I realized I was late and started walking quickly. In a rush to get to school, I bumped into someone big.
“Oh, I’m sorry-” I started to say before I saw who it was. Nathan.
Oh, no Annie. Bad blood. Don’t you dare.
I literally felt my face turn into a full fledged scowl.
He suddenly looked disheartened.
“You must despise me.”
I decided to play egocentric and walk away, but he held my hand. “Don’t you have time for a friend?”
I smirk, and perform an exaggerated gesture of looking for someone with my hands covering my eyes.
“Oh, I always have time for friends. Unfortunately, I don’t see one.”
Way to go, sister girl!
That hit him real bad, because he flinched.
“Can you just allow me explain? I told you I and Avril were dating. I didn’t know it’d affect you that much. I’m sorry. I should’ve been blunt and just told you upfront. Avril’s a mean person.”
I raised a brow. “And you enjoy dating her?
You enjoy dating a person that makes other people feel unnecessary? I’ll have you know, she’s a sadist. And the fact that you’re not ashamed to be identified with her also makes me question your ethics. See you when you’re sensible.”
I said, walking away.
Its official, people. I’m on fire.
What happens next as she walked? Would she ever get along with other kids? Catch the next thrilling episode next week Friday. Thanks for reading our stories.

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