By Shawn Guzman
Episode 5–

I caught up with Alexis for Art class. She’s a really good artist. I was watching her in Art class when my phone buzzed. Thatgleekid: I thought about what you said, you’re right.
AnnieTrelli: I don’t really know what to say to that, you should just do what you think is right.
Thatgleekid: What is right?
AnnieTrelli: I don’t know much about you, but you’re clearly not happy. You’ve got to be with someone who actually appreciates you.
Thatgleekid: Annie, its complicated. I’ve got to go. I’ll ttyl.
AnnieTrelli: K
I put off my phone and my mind started thinking about a lot of stuff.
“Excuse me, Annie. I have a call.” Alexis said. I nodded and kept on walking with her, as she was rambling.
Suddenly, all the chattering stopped. That could’ve only meant one thing. The populars. I threw my face the other way and tried to look busy.
“Well, if it isn’t the love doctor.” I heard Avril’s sinister voice say. I turn around, looking uneasy.
“I..I don’t understand.” She smiles, evilly.
“Oh, of course you don’t. Bitch, listen. You’re at the bottom. Bottom of the school’s chain. Its a miracle you’re allowed to breathe the air, I breathe. You’re irrelevant and you’ll stay that way. Don’t you dare think that you can talk to my boyfriend just because he’s very nice. “
“This.” She said, holding up a phone and showing me the text conversation between me and Nathan. “ unacceptable. Stay where you were born to be. The dump. Bye.” She said, ending the conversation like it had been a pleasant one.
“Heartless bitch.” Alexis whispered.

Avril must’ve heard it, because she smiled. Okay, I’m not taking this anymore. I’m done. For real…

*ring ring*
“You have reached the voicemail of Claire.. Petrelli, please leave a message.”
“Mom? Turning tables.”

Going home, I angrily prepared to go to my mom’s. This just had to stop.

Who did that bitch think she was anyway. Just because she’s named after my favourite musician doesn’t exactly mean she’s better than me. Does it? I can’t even-
“Annie? I need you to-“
“Can you not see how busy I am? What the fu-” I stopped suddenly remembering the humanoid before me was my father. My dad’s face was a literal emoji of shock. For a long time, I didn’t speak. He just stood frozen. Then he shook his head and growled out, obviously angry. “I need you to have a good time, at your mom’s.” Then he gave a “you-hurt-me-real-bad” look and walked away hurriedly.
I’m not experienced in this… this part where I follow him in the twilight and yell: No wait! I love you!?
Ugh, life is nothing but emotion.

“Dad, I’m sorry. I’ve been having a rough time at school. I shouldn’t have snapped at you. It’s a first and it’ll be the last. Please, forgive me?” I said.
Dad smiled, brightly. “It’s okay, Annie. Adapting to high school can get ugly, I’m sorry about losing my patience. And you’re growing. Look at you talking all mature.” I smiled, back. Yes, This bitch is growing.

At about 2pm, Eric honked downstairs and I kissed dad goodbye and ran down.
“Hey champ.” Eric smiled.
“Champ? What is this, gym class?” I asked.
“Wow, you’ve gotten sassier than I remember. And prettier too.”
I giggled and got into the car. We had a mini conversation about his college life, because I totally avoided high school as a topic. Getting to my mom’s house, I unpacked the few stuff I brought over in the guest room
and got settled, feeling quite homely. Kyle came over, smirking.
“Well, hey there Annalità.”
I grimaced, making him laugh. “What’s funny?” I asked.
“I just realized I called you Annalità.” He said, holding back laughter. I raised a brow and looked around the room, searching for the joke. He frowned. “Annalità. Anal.” I shook my head. “Please, don’t.”
He raised a brow. “You’re not my sister. Where’d your sense of humour go?”
I smirked. “Where YOUR virginity went. Down the drain.”
That hit him hard, cause his eye went wide open and he stuttered. “J-What-How… I have no comments.”
I cackled, like a witch and yelled. “Strike one!”
In the heat of the moment, my phone rang. Alexis, I guessed. Looking at my phone, I almost lost my sanity. Nathan. “Kyle, Kyle! Get out.” I whispered. Wait. Why was I whispering? I hadn’t even picked up. Ugh.
Kyle took a hint. And stayed. .__.
“Hello.” I said.
“Its me.” Nathan sang.
“I was wondering if after all these years you’d like for us to meet. To go over, everything.” He continued.
So, I have a crush on Adele? Well. Two can play at this game.
“They say time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t done much lately. You know what? Fuck this. I hate your girlfriend.” At this point, I heard Kyle and Nathan gasp simultaneously. The element of surprise, interesting.
“Annie, I heard about what happened. I forgot to clear our conversation and she saw it and stormed over to  you. I had glee practice so I missed the whole…..event.” He said. I wasn’t convinced.
“What did I tell you about dating a person who doesn’t respect you? You’re merely tolerating her for the social status, I’m sorry to say. And that, is just bullcrap.” I said, rage setting in. And then the line went dead.
Omg. He hung up. Avril’s definitely killing me on Monday. Well, not if I have a say about it.
“When’s mom coming back?” I said, turning to look at Kyle. He was gone. Probably to tell Eric all about it. Snitch.
When mom returned, we planned how the Saturday was gonna be. We were going shopping and she was teaching the art of make-up. And then, I was watching Mean girls for extra wits and sass.
I’m not going down without a fight. Okay? Okay. Today, however, we had a great lunch. We took a year’s worth of selfies and we saw the all the Fast and the Furious movies, with Kyle crying at the end of Part 7.
Bitch said a mosquito got in his eye. Tell that to people in Africa.At about three am, we all dragged our weary souls to bed.
“I love you, Annie.” Nathan said.
“I love you too” I said, blushing.
“Aw, look at them, so cute.” Spongebob said.
I was about to kiss Nathan, when something cold grabbed my hand.
“Mommy!” I yelled.
“Yes, its me. Now get up, its 10am.”
I got up, and yawned stupidly. “What are you, the sleep police?”
Yes, I dream about cartoon characters, kill yourself. I got down and into the hot bath, that immediately took my drowsiness
At the mall, there was so much to get. I’m not exactly crazy about clothing but holy mother of obese crocodiles, I want in! After the shopping, we went to the beautician and I got my hair curled and “re-blonded” because apparently, I wasn’t taking good care of it. Kill me.I learnt how to make my brows look wowzers and how to get fuller lips. I had to admit, after everything , I’d have dated myself. My hair got extended to my waist and the beautician told me I had a really cute stomach, so I was told to put on a crop top more often. Then we took crazy ass selfies and drove home. My mom is hella fun.
“So you think you’re witty just because you watched Mean girls 1 and 2?” Eric asked.
“Sweetheart, I don’t think. I know.” I said, cheekily.
He raised his brows. “Nice… Okay, lets practice. I’m your bully.”
He cleared his nose and started his best impression of a bitchy teenage girl.
“Lookie lookie at this cookie.”
Wtf??! I suddenly burst into laughter and then Eric joined in and so did Kyle from the stairs, where he had been sitting.
“What in Dora’s backpack was that?” I asked.
“I dunno. Isn’t that what bitches say?” He asked, dumbly.
“Dude, be serious or go suck a phallus. Oh my damn, that rhymed.” I giggled. Eric shook his head, jovially.
“Okay, I’ma be serious now.” He said.
“Well, if it isn’t the only living dinosaur left. Didn’t you hear your kind died a long time ago?”
Kyle and my mom (who suddenly joined the party) “Oohed”. I gave him an indifferent expression.
“Is that all you got, bitch? Damn. I used to think you were a big pain in the neck. But now, I’ve got a much lower opinion about you. A dinosaur? Sure. Come suck my dickasaurus.”
Eric’s mouth hung open.Once again, the element of surprise. Kyle muttered something along the lines of “…bloody hell.” And my mom looked at me, mischievously.
“You’re murdering that bitch, tomorrow.” I smiled.
Let’s hope so.
Thank you for reading our story. So, what happens next between Avril, Annabelle and Nathan? Do watch out for another thrilling episode next week Friday. Please, don’t forget to leave a comment behind.

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