By Shawn Guzman
Episode 6
I woke up with a text from Alexis.
“Morning Annie! Hope you’re feeling better. How was your weekend? I can’t wait to see you. cx”
I smiled. Alex’s a great girl. Sighing like I was 85, I dawdled to the shower and tried to not think about the day before me.

After having a proper breakfast of scrambled eggs, I fuddled with my backpack and started to walk towards the door, when I suddenly swivelled and looked at Kyle with a knowing smile. He looked round the room, immediately suspicious.
“No. Bitch, no.” He said, stuffing a sandwich down his mouth. Swine.
I gave him my cute kitty eyes and he groaned. “Ugh! Mom, I hate your daughter.” I burst into laughter.
Nathan’s POV
This morning’s gonna be scary. I was really contemplating doing this. Oh, God. I absentmindedly watched a red Ferrari park near the spot the “cool kids” own. Avril? Did her dad get her a new toy? Wait, Avril’s already at school. Who in Harry’s glasses is this? Slowly, I watched the automatic glasses go up. Several, if not all the kids in the vicinity, turned around to see who this person was. A long heel came into view, a stiletto? Two legs touched the ground and an extremely blonde lady in shades and a very summer themed outfit cat walked out of the car. She took of her sunshades and examined the area, like she wasn’t familiar. I was about to turn around and ask Duncan if she was the new sub, when a fairly attractive dark haired guy with purple streaks joined her, taking her bag. She strutted over, smirking.. At me? She took off her sunshades, smiling quite familiarly. I stood up from the grass and watched her walk past me. Okay, she looks really familiar.
“Annie? Annie!” The dark-haired suddenly said.
“You forgot your backpack.” He said.
She flushed and gracefully strutted back to him and blew him a kiss and I felt my self frown. Were they dating?
Wait. Annie.
Holy Mother Of Homosexual Penguins.
Oh, my God.
I don’t think he knew it was me till Kyle called on me.
Lmao, this is fun. I watched Alexis walk right past me and I giggled, which startled her and she frowned. Then she took a longer look and choked on her smoothie.
“Annie?! Omg, wow. You look amazing.” I laughed.
“Thanks, I feel like shit though. These stilettos are deadly.”
She giggled. “Bitch, shut up. You look amazing.”
I hugged her and we went off to class, which included my belly button getting stared at. Get your eyes off my bee button, y’all cannibalistic teenagers. Somehow, I looked forward to the cafeteria. Finally, it was lunch break. I cat walked to the cafeteria. Did I mention I fell on my way to art class and Alexis spat out her soda while laughing? Getting to the cafeteria, I looked around and spotted a table infested with cheerleaders.
Eww, bacteria. I straightened my face and started towards the table, ignoring Alex’s squeals.
“Are you lost?” A faceless cheerleader said. Not faceless as in, no face. Faceless as in, I don’t care to know.
I turned over to her. “Baby, do I look lost?” I picked a chair and sat, looking at them with a cheeky smile, obviously enjoying it all.
“…and I think it’ll be ready before- Uh, what is that on my chair?” I heard Avril start saying, from a distance to the table.
Another cheer giggled. “I really don’t know. I think its lost.”
I raised a brow. “No, you’re lost. You shouldn’t be here but at home eating all your makeup so you can look pretty on the inside, because the outside ain’t doing it for me, honey.”
I heard gasps from the tables around.
I heard Avril gasp lightly. “Annie?”
I turned around, taking off my sunshades as I pivoted.
“Well, well, well. Look whose amnesic brain finally recalled my name. Avril McStupid. I have nothing to say to you except that you are a mean, rotten and fucking terrible person.” Avril smiled. Something’s not right. She shouldn’t be smiling.
“Annie. Poor, poor Annie. You used mom’s only Ferrari to try to make a statement? Desperate. Desperate animal. That’s exactly what you are. How would you like it if I told the world what your family’s about?
YOUR FATHER SEDUCED MY DAD. Get that, idiot? I could snap my fingers and that faggot would lose his job. Now, get outta before that finger snaps itself. “
I swear. I wanted to stay, but I love my dad. Maybe I’m not cut out for this shit. Alexis shook her head at me. The whole cafeteria was staring at me. I turned to look at Avril, who was smiling triumphantly. I saw Nathan in the hallway, lost my balance and fell like a newly born giraffe. He rushed over to help me, but I struggled and for some reason, burst into tears.
“You. You said you’d change. You said you’d be there the next time to help me.”
He looked dejected.
“Let’s not do this here. Please, come to the choir room with me.”
His voice was like an ice cream sundae on the hottest summer day.
Like a machine, I went with him.
I walked into the empty choir with Nathan. I sad down and he took out a rag and wiped off my makeup that got all over my face while I made a fool of myself. This is the part where you guys are supposed to “Aww.”
Then he farted. Or not. I must’ve had a terrified expression because he burst into laughter. I grimaced and he cleared his throat, and burst into laughter again. I tried to frown but it was hilarious.
“I’m very sorry. It just came out.” He said, in between laughter.
“Say no more.” I said, cackling.
Then the moment passed and there was an awkward silence.
“I hate Avril.” He said.
I raised my brows in shock. “What?”
“I hate that bitch. More than you’ll ever know.” He said and then gave a bitter laugh.
“Then why in Hermoine’s buttcrack are you still dating her?” I asked.
He burst into laughter and looked at me, with an expression I couldn’t decode.
“Because… Because I’m helpless without her. She pays my fees. Clothes me. And really just helps me out. But she’s hella rude and annoying.”
I frowned. “That 17 year old is your mom? What am I, Patrick Star?”
He smiled, sadly. “I’m an orphan.”
My face twisted in horror. “Oh, my God. I’m so sorry. I didn’t even know.”
“Its okay. Thank you, though. I never met them. I grew up in an orphanage. She just sorta picked up an interest in me.” He said, casually.
At that moment, I looked at him. No like, really looked at him. Nathan is beautiful.
“She’s a fool for misusing your attention.” I said. He blushed. Can you fucking believe it? This angel blushed.
“You’re right. Hey, you wanna hear what I’m singing at the pep rally?”
”A song? Yes, please.” I smiled and nodded. He took his guitar off his chest and started to play.
Then he opened his mouth. Jesus.
“I have died everyday, waiting for you.
Darling, don’t be afraid, I have loved you.
For a thousand years.
I’ll love you for a thousand more.
And along, I believed I would find you.
Time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you.
For a thousand-“
His beautiful, high treble voice suddenly stopped as a shoe hit his face. I screamed in utter shock. He stood up from the floor and looked towards the door and growled. I followed his gaze to find Avril, looking satisfied.
“I told you to stay away from that bag of puke.” She said to him.
Wow. This girl’s heartless. I was about to tell her it was my fault, not his when he shushed me and gave her a menacing glare.
“You think you’re so amazing?-” He started to say.
Avril smirked. “Honey, I know-“
“YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT! You constantly make everyone feel terrible. You’re a bitch. You’re evil. But that’s not the sad part. You’re just a scared, spoiled pig. You don’t have anyone who likes you. Hell, your dad will pick a dollar note over you. Your mom hasn’t even looked at you since you were four. You frustrated Eva till she killed herself. You’re a miserable bastard and I feel sorry for those who know you.
I don’t need you. I never did. Clingy Thot. Cmon, Annie.”
With that, me and Nathan left the room. Wow. Last time, it was Avril with him. Things change.
Walking out with Nathan, I was more concerned about the blood running down his face like tears than about how I “triumphed” over Avril. I touched him affectionately and he squirmed, making me jerk my hand back immediately, due to fear.
“I’m sorry, I’m only making it worse.”
He smiled. “You’re not. It just really hurts. Damn, who knew heels could do so much damage.”
I frowned, suddenly realising how much that bitch had hurt him. “That idiot deserves a taste of my wrath, she does. How dare she-” He raised a finger to his lips. Hot.Then he started laughing.
“Well, aren’t you a feisty little butterfly.” I giggled, flushing.
I suddenly realized he was in pain. “Let’s go to the bathroom and get you cleaned up.”
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