By Shawn Guzman                                                                                                           Episode 7
He nodded. “Okay.”
On the way to the bathroom, he’d look at me and I’d blush and then he’d blush. Wow. This Maleficent has found her Ken. What? Barbie’s fake and Mal’s evil and hot, kms. At the bathroom, I wiped off the

blood with care, paying more attention to his face than I ever did at trigonometry. Then slowly, I got lost in his eyes. Excuse me for staring at Prince Charming while nursing him.
“Annie?” He said, taking me out of my sub-conscious worship of his existence.
“Yeah?” I answered.
“Thank you, for all you’ve done for me. You’ve been more caring than everyone I know, including my so-called guardians at the orphanage. Thank you-“
Okay, I can’t take it anymore. I leaned in and locked lips with him. He made a sound of surprise and then took the lead in the kiss, his tongue asking for permission to explore hidden areas of my mouth. I wrapped my hand around his head, and he yelped like a kitten that got stepped on. My hands flew to my face in dumbfoundness.
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry.”
He smiled and massaged the spot. “Its okay, I’m into a little pain.” He said with a wink, making me turn purple.
“I’m sorry for kiss-” I started.
“Don’t. Annie, don’t. I wanted that as much as you did. Maybe more.” He said.
The moment was really awkward so I stood up, blushing scarlet and then he took the hint.
“Why don’t we head off to class?” He offered.
I smiled, nodding and then we walked off to American history.
“You would not believe what he did!” Nathan said.
I flicked my hair flirtatiously and said “Try me.”
He said in between cackles. “He pepper sprayed her eyes.”
We burst into laughter like witches, stopping when we started getting stares from other students. I suddenly spotted Alexis frustratedly putting books, as usual. I rushed over to her. “Alexis.”
She didn’t even look at me before pouring it out. “Today’s been a bust for us both. You, with that bitch Avril and me with the ant puddle I fell in.” Nathan snickered while Alexis went on, not figuring his presence.
“I fell into a ditch and ants got in my bra. I can’t even..”
“Alexis” I said.
“I can’t even look at it, it feels like they’re having a party or-“
“…because it itches like I showered with pepper spray.”
“What?!” She asked and then saw Nathan, her mouth slowly opening wide.
“Oh, my gosh. I didn’t…”
Nathan burst into laughter, mumbling gibberish. “It’s okay, dickie itches too, your mannerisms are hilarious.”
She blushed, uncomfortably.
“Look, lets all go to the garden and hang out, this is hilarious.”
Alexis nodded and Nathan led the way, snickering and teasing Alexis, asking where he was invited to the ant party. I’ve made some pretty good friends.
—————————————–NATHAN’S POV
When Avril threw the shoe at me, I felt my blood boil. No. I wasn’t gonna take this crap anymore. Fuck her money. I spewed the contents of my heart to her and left with Annie, feeling blood spill by the side of my face. I wanted to cry, to be honest. All this shit because my parents never made it to raise me.
Bless their souls. Annie’s been amazing. Literally. She took me to the bathroom, and slowly washed the blood off. I stared into her pretty, brown eyes and started thanking her for being angelic to me when she did the most shocking thing. She kissed me. And apologized for it. What the hell, man. You’re doing me a favour by paying me attention. Then I did something stupid, I exhibited pain when she exhibited passion. Dumbass.
She apologized and I laughed, assuring her it was okay. Then we left for History class. All the classes are fun with her around. Well, the classes we have together. I met her hilarious friend Alexis and she ending up tagging along. Once or twice, I felt Avril’s minions spying on us, but I waved it aside. I was done with that hypocritical animal. For real.
Hello, It’s me.Favourite. Follow. Vote. Thank you so much! Cover’s a throwback of a young Nathan.
See you in a bit!
“See you again?” I asked Nathan as I got into my car and he was headed to his.
“See you again.” He replied with a reassuring smile.
I giggled, got into my car and turned on the ignition, feeling like Drake just called me on my cell phone.
Oh, my gosh. I’m so punny, I deserve like an award or something, seriously.
Getting home, I literally collapsed on the couch due to fatigue. I whipped out my phone and connected to the house’s WiFi. Notifications. What the hell, I never get those.
“Thatgleekid liked your photo.”
“Thatgleekid liked your photo”
“Thatgleekid liked your photo”
“Thatgleekid liked your photo”
I swiped away the notifications, flushing slightly at how sweet Nate could be. It is so amazing that a person who’s received only disappointments and pain would be so nice and then someone like Avril who got spoilt with everything, would be vain and rude. Talking about Avril, she became scarce towards the end of the day. I really don’t know what’s up with her but- I bolted up suddenly, hearing a rattle at the door. If its a serial killer, baby, you’re too late. I already had my first kiss.
My dad walked in flanked by Eric and Kyle, with Eric’s particularly blue hairstyle stealing all the attention.
“Hey Avril.” They all said in tandem.
And then my dad looked at me. “Jesus Christ. They turned you to Rihanna Graduate overnight.”
I looked left and right, and then at Eric and Kyle and creased my forehead. “Dad, what’s Rihanna graduate?”
He shrugged. “I don’t know, isn’t that the celebrity whose purple hair you said you liked?”
I thought hard. Rihanna… Rihanna.. And then realization dawned on me, slowly. And I burst into laughter, clutching my sides. “Oh, my God! Its Ariana Grande!” Eric and Kyle, both understanding the joke late start to cackle like sex-starved sea monsters.Dimwits.
“You just got owned, Dad.” Eric said.
My dad laughed and said “Well, forgive my ignorance. Who wants dinner.”
All hands went up, including dad’s. Somehow.
There’s this awesome new app I discovered. Wattpad. Its amazing. I was in my room, reading a new fictional sequel to The Fault In Our Stars, my favourite movie. Hazel Grace Lancaster, Augustus Waters is mine. Alive or Not. Just saying. My phone rang and I picked it up eagerly. “Hey, this is Annie.” I said.
“This is Dick-inson.” The voice said.
I rolled my eyes. Ugh. Eric and and Kyle messing with me. Immature dunderheads, I could literally hear them stifling their laughter.
“Look, you dumbasses, I’ma head up and put my hand up your ass and pepper spray your heart.”
I said, hanging up.
*I have died everyday, waiting for you-*
Ugh, twas my phone again. Is there a site where you sell your brothers to the Isis for followers on Instagram?
And yeah, ever since Nathan sang Christina Perri’s “A thousand years”, I’ve been in love with it.
I pulled my phone to ears and started ranting. “Look, its obvious you guys don’t know what to do. Jerk off, I won’t judge you, okay? Ugh.” I heard a giggle. “Annie?” Wtf. Blood pounded in my ears. “Nathan?!”
I turned my phone around to stare at it and it was Nathan.
“Oh, my God. I had no idea, I thought it was my brothers but…”
He cackled, and said. “Hush now, my child. I just wanna know if you’ll be less busy at, say 5?”
“Ummm…” I said, trying to make it seem like I had a life.
Busy having tea with the prime minister of Iraq? Bitch, say yes, already.
“Yes, I will be. Thanks.” I answered.
“No, thank you. I’ll pick you up at five.” He said, hanging up.
I punched the air, triumphantly and got ready for my…..outing.
At about five pm, the door bell rang and I tried as hard as I could to get to it quickly, but my dad beat me to it. Realizing this could be an opportunity, I waited and eavesdropped. What? You’d do it too.
“Good evening sir, I’m Nathan.” I heard him say.
“Hello. Friend of Kyle?” My dad enquired.
How stereotypical. I guess Annie’s not capable of having a dreamy visitor. Well, this will teach y’all to predict my shit.
I heard Nate chuckle, lightly. “No, Annie.”
“Annie? My daughter Annabelle?” My dad asked, shock evident in his voice.
“Yeah, that’ll be the one.” Nathan replied.
I heard my dad mutter “wow..” under his breath and yell towards the stairs.
“Annie, there’s A BOY asking after you.”
I rolled my eyes and walked out, gracefully. Linking my arm in Nate’s, I wiggled my fingers at my dad and winked.
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