By Shawn Guzman                                                                                                     Episode 9
At the hospital, I realized why the room was called a waiting room. After five hours, it felt like I lived there. My head was on Eric’s shoulder. My dad was calling someone. I tuned in and out of the conversation.

“….  I still don’t know what happened. One minute, he was fine and the other he was on the floor wriggling. I swear, I’m confused. You’ll come? Thank you… Yeah, that hospital. The…”

Is that mom? Oh, wait, she’s on that vacation in Paris.
I felt Eric’s phone vibrate, waking him up. I lifted my head and he picked up his phone.
“Hello? Yeah. It’s Eric. Who? Oh. OH. He’s..not around right now. You might wanna come to the hospital the street away from the house… Calm down, Lisa. Please. Don’t panic. Just come. Thank you.”
He concluded. It was obvious who it was. It was Melissa, Kyle’s girlfriend. I hadn’t met her but I’d seen her photos and heard about her. She was exotic because of her nationality. A light skinned Nigerian. She spoke four languages and had the highest GPA in Kyle’s department. She also wasn’t the cliché nerd you’d expect her to be. With her long and dark hair, she looked radiant according to the photos I’d seen.
At about two am, Lisa strutted into the waiting room, her frantic expression betraying her aura. She relaxed when she saw us. Walking over to us, she greeted my dad and sat beside him. They began talking and five seconds into the narration, Oreo Barbie was crying. They’ve been dating for like two weeks. Overcame with fatigue, I took out my phone and connected to the hospital’s WiFi and called Nathan through Skype I prayed he’d pick up, earnestly.Fortunately, he did.
“Annie, don’t you ever sleep?” He asked, giggling.
When he saw my expression didn’t change, his face creased in concern.
“What’s wrong?”
I sighed. “Kyle has lung cancer. He’s getting a transplant, two days from now.”
I saw the shock inscribed on his face. He went ahead to comfort me, singing Swedish House Mafia’s Don’t  You Worry Child.
As soon as the doctor got out of the room, we all jumped to our feet. With a grim expression that annoyed me intensively, he launched into a technical explanation of Kyle’s condition.
“Well, I’ll tell you all. Sadly, Kyle has cancer. He’s had it for a while now, I’m sure he must’ve known but didn’t want to ‘make a fuss about it’. His lungs are severely damaged, so he’s been connected to an oxygen machine. He’s awake, but fragile. Please, avoid noise while seeing him.” He concluded, while I scoffed.
Yeah, like we’re just gonna go and have loud sex in the hospital room of a fatally sick human being. Dumbo.
 As I walked into Kyle’s room, alone because we agreed to go in turns, the tears that were buried deep inside released themselves and I sat on his bed, staring at him. God, this looked nothing like my body.
In five hours, he’d become leaner, his beautiful purple hair was gone, the twinkle in his eyes were absent, instead his eyes were bloodshot and when he called on me, I started sobbing.
“Annie, please, don’t.” He said, forcing a smile.While crying, I reassuringly smiled at him, resembling a psychopath.
“Kyle. Kyle. You cannot go. Please. You’ve still got a wonderful, long life ahead of you.” He giggled, showing the old him.
“And who told you I’m going anywhere, bitch?”
I laughed. Kyle’s never gonna change. Nothing can change this jokester.
“Can you call my girlfriend? I’ve always wanted to have hospital sex.” He said winking, I stared at him, wide eyed and burst into laughter.
“You’re a pervert, cancer or not. Get this over with and come home, okay?” He grinned.
“Okay, Bella. I love you, champ.”
The last time he called me that, I frowned in distaste, now, I want it that way. I smiled.
“I love you too, fam. Hang in there, big guy.”
I kissed his mouth lightly, making him blush. Walking out the door, I stared at him one more time.
 By the time everyone had come out seeing Kyle, it was all smiles in the waiting room. Kyle was such a good sport and it was hard to believe he was putting aside the pain and trauma to entertain us. Eric had a huge grin plastered on his face. My dad was sleeping with a smile on his face, and Lisa was looking at her phone, probably pictures of them. I smiled. It felt good to have people who loved you. Kyle was very loved.
With immense happiness, I walked up to Lisa and smiled. “Can I sit beside you?”
She gave me a dazzling smile, her brown eyes twinkling. “Of course you can, I’m so glad to meet you but sorry we had to meet due to a tragedy.”
I nodded, vehemently. “I agree. I can’t wait for him to become well again. This was such a scare.”
She giggled. “Tell me about it, I was gonna see Furious 7 for the umpteenth time, when I got the call.”
I smiled. “That’s one of my most favourite movies, the ending was just… Amazing.”
She grinned. “I love how they made him go home to be with family, rather than killing the character.”
I nodded, again. After awkward moment of silence, she sighed.
“I always knew something was wrong with him.” I swung my face to face her, mouth open.
“How?” She looked downcast.
“Sometimes, we would engage in funny arguments about movies we liked and in the middle of them, he’d cough violently and raise a hand to give him a moment. At first I thought he was faking coughs to get outta the arguments but then they were serious, so I thought he was asthmatic. I had never thought in a thousand years, it’d be cancer. This was…wow.”
I sighed. “I don’t know why he would think he would be disturbing with the news that he had CANCER. For God’s sake. Ugh.”
“Oh, well. The damage has been done. But he’ll get brand new lungs in two days.”
I smiled, remembering that. “Yeah, he will.”
I had the option to skip school the next morning, but I missed Nathan way too much. As soon as I parked onto the driveway at school and got out, someone hugged me from behind. I took the heavenly scent.
Man, he smells so masculine yet sweet.
I turned to look at him, already smiling.
“Hello, beautiful.” He said.
A blush worked its way up my face. “Hey, Adonis.”
That’s the Greek god of male perfection. He smiled, opening his mouth to talk, when a black, very handsome guy walked up to us.
“Hey Nate, what’s up?”
Nate smiled an apology to me. “Hey Tyrone, nothing much. This is Annie.”
I beamed with Tyrone and he grinned at me. “Hello, Annie. You the one he’s been crazy about?”
I giggled. “Well, I wouldn’t know. Boys are players.”
Nathan laughed. “What, me? I’m as holy as they come.”
“Mhm.” Tyrone and I muttered in tandem, laughing.
My cell phone rang. Christina Perri’s song spewed out, making Nathan gasp.
I mouthed “what” to him, before picking up my phone.
“Hey, champ.” I heard Kyle’s weak voice mumble.
“Kyle? Kyle! Hi, how’re you?” I squeaked in excitement.
“I.. Annie, I don’t feel good. I.. I can feel myself slipping. Annie.. I’m not gonna make it.”
Like a candle in a desert wind, my happiness died. My mouth went dry, my eyes itched and I started stuttering.
“Kyle. K-Kyle, you’re scaring me. Please, don’t say stuff like that. I know it hurts but you’re gonna be okay. It’s only one more day, fight it. Sweetheart, you can do it. Kyle, please..”
Tears were running down my face, Nathan stood at my back, with a sad expression and Tyrone had a pensive expression. I heard him wheeze and cough, violently and I flinched. Fuck, this is real bad.
“I’ll try. I’ll talk to you later, champ. I love you.” He whispered.
I choked back tears. “I love you too, Kyle.”
Nathan mumbled “its gonna be okay” while he enveloped me in a bear hug.
I met Alexis during art class and we hugged for a long time. I missed her so much. I’d texted her throughout the whole wait at the hospital and she’d been very supportive.I paid little attention to my classes, my mind always wandering back to Kyle. He honestly, didn’t deserve this. Hell, no one did. Watching him undergo so much pain was terrible. Alexis must’ve read my mind because she held my hands and smiled at me.
Aww. I smiled back, thankful for her friendship.
“Hey.” I heard. Probably wasn’t me being spoken to.
“Hey, Annie.” Okay, its definitely me.
I swung around to see Tyrone with a concerned look on his face. I smiled at him.
“Come sit next to me.” I said. He nodded. Alexis stared at him, weirdly. He sat next to me, and grinned at her.
“Hi, I’m Tyrone.”
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