A Thousand Words

 By Tope Oni (09topsy)
My heart beat doubles each time I see you from
smoldering my breath in its prime.
My mouth dries up as you walk towards me.
Today must be my lucky day, for I have
harboured and
Nursed these feelings for a long time
I with a thousand words longing to be
To show you how much my heart beats for you
My innards leap for joy at just a glimpse of
I want to tell you how I feel when I see your
Black hair as it blows in the wind.
I cannot imagine life without you,
Today I finally get the chance to
Pour my heart out to you.
Alas the end has come!
My angel walks towards me
And I with my thousand words
Stand like a pillar of salt
As she walks by,
I catch a wimp of her fragrance
As she moves further out of my reach.
My thousand words have failed me yet again!
Author’s Profile: She studied pyschology at Obafemi Awolowo University and is a lover of creative writing.


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